Reference PEN-JADE2-MIN


Size: 1.8 cm (approximately)
Weight: 5 gr(approximately)
Chakra: 4th (Heart)

Chemical properties : NaAl(Si206) - (Cr)

In prehistoric times, it produced weapons as the jade has a high resistance to shocks. Introduced in the worship of gods, was carved in jade figurines sacred.
These are the Spaniards who named the stone "piedra de ijada" (stone flanks) during the conquest of the Americas.
The jade is famous for its curative, the highest since antiquity in South America and Central America among the pre-,
The jade stone is the preferred Chinese, they always bear in negotiating, because it promotes honesty and justice. It is also used by traditional healers who appreciated the high virtues. Today, only China is still working jade with the talent that we know. It is beneficial to have a figure or an object sacred jade in its environment.