my experiences

Some examples of measurements made by me:

* People with the syndrome raynaud's disease:
I put a thermometer into them each hand to record the temperature of hands.
I put them on a red jasper navel and a pebble in each hand ,....... after a few minutes the temperature rises several degrees !!!!!!!!!!!!!

* I measure by bio-dowsing a laptop compared to a reference to magnetic north .... value: 3000 UB
keeping the laptop in hand and touching a black tourmaline crystal with the index, the value quickly goes back to 8000 BU when I release the contact with the tourmaline it back down to 3000 !!!!!!!! !!!!!!........ so hundreds of times, it works like a switch! = 100% success. (Is not that what science calls ??????????????????... serial assessment of witnesses ???... !)

* Winter 2009, winter hardiness experience with my students in ski classes:
least 20 ° every day, minus 25 ° at the top of the red pointer to 3226m, I wear a red jasper at the navel and skiing without gloves all day !!!!!!!!!!!!! ! This equates to less than 35 ° into the wind during the descent ...... I made this experiment for six days, students witness ....... not a trace of frostbite !!!!!!

* I get a crystal "laser" in the right hand led to an amplifier's volume turned up ..... slightly moving the crystal from top to bottom, I change the sound !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!............. so there is a relationship between man, the stone and the receiver ...... on what frequency? Sagit it a frequency or radiation? response by scientists, they would still have to comply are interested!
continued ...
* Measures of a hematite magnetic dowsing held in my left hand, but I'm hematite 10000, with magnetic hematite up to 20000 I see! this repeated many times and witnessed with 100% success ... is not that what science calls ????? repeated measures? ... before witnesses!