DYSTHENE (35 gr/6 cm)





Size: 6 cm (approx)
Weight: 14 g approx
Chakra: 5th (Throat)
Chemical properties: Al2SiO5
Beautiful blue stone.
This is the stone of self-knowledge.
It is a soft stone that is suitable for shy people who have a complex because it soothes their anxieties.
It is a stone specifically recommended for prepubertal girls who live in great uncertainty and questioning their future wife and mother.
It is also suitable for those excessive, brutal and angry to calm them. The kyanite acts indirectly through self-knowledge that can help influence its own behavior.
It is a stone of awareness of artistic contemplation, especially the visual arts and music.

It develops and reveals a very male Yin Yang on the bright side of man.
It is very intuitive and encourages not only rely on his intuitions, but also to follow them with confidence. It gives the sequence of ideas.
VERY GOOD STONE throat(emotions, communication,...).