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1. Which chakra to work? (choice of stones) - 5th Chakra
THE FIFTH CHAKRA: VISHUDDA Legal: Means "PURIFYING" in Sanskrit. It also appoints the chakra of Georgia, the center of communication. Location: It is located in the throat between the Adam's apple and jugular pit. Dominant color: Blue. Element: Ether. Its corresponding meaning: The hearing. Bodies associated with it: It controls the muscles of the neck, cervical vertebrae, jaw...

2. Which chakra to work? (choice of stones) - 6th Chakra
THE SIXTH CHAKRA: Ajna Legal: Means KNOW, DIRECTING RECEIVE or "in Sanskrit. It also appoints the chakra of the third eye chakra front chakra command, look internally. Location: It is located at the front, on top of a triangle, whose base is made by our two eyes. Dominant color: Indigo (violet blue). Element: Its interior. Its corresponding meaning: The sixth chakra is correlated...


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