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1. my experiences
Some examples of measurements made by me: * People with the syndrome raynaud's disease: I put a thermometer into them each hand to record the temperature of hands. I put them on a red jasper navel and a pebble in each hand ,....... after a few minutes the temperature rises several degrees !!!!!!!!!!!!! * I measure by bio-dowsing a laptop compared to a reference to magnetic north ...

2. Which chakra to work? (choice of stones) - THE FIRST CHAKRA
THE FIRST CHAKRA: Muladhara Legal: Means "roots" in Sanskrit. It also appoints the chakra of the base. Location: Between the genitals and anus. Dominant color: Red. Element: Ground. Its corresponding meaning: The smell. Bodies associated with it: The bones, nails, teeth, anus, rectum, the colon, prostate, cell structure and legs. Principle The chakra of the base is an anchor to...

3. Which chakra to work? (choice of stones) - 3rd Chakra
THE THIRD CHAKRA: MANIPUR Legal: Means "city of jewels" in Sanskrit. It is also called solar plexus chakra, chakra of the stomach. Location: It is located about two or three centimeters above the navel. Dominant color: Yellow. Element: Fire. Its corresponding meaning: Sight. Bodies associated with it: The abdominal cavity, the right kidney, stomach, liver, gallbladder, nervous system...

4. Which chakra to work? (choice of stones) - 4th Chakra
THE FOURTH CHAKRA: Anahata Legal: Means "Unvanquished" in Sanskrit. It also appoints the chakra of the heart or heart center. Location: It is located in the middle of the chest at the sternum. Dominant color: Green PINK. Element: Air. Its corresponding meaning: Touch. Bodies associated with it: The lungs, circulation, the bronchi and lungs, hands. It is associated with the thymus...


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